Mamma Mia’s Pizza

Love at First Slice

Leesburg’s Top-Rated Italian Restaurant

Deciding what’s for dinner is an endless struggle. If you’re not in the mood to stand over the stove for hours on end, or you’re tired of the same drive-thru burgers, consider dining at an Italian restaurant that delivers some of the best dishes in town. At Mamma Mia’s Pizza in Leesburg, FL, we’re dedicated to providing lunch and dinner to diners who are searching for a truly authentic and fulfilling experience. Whether it’s your anniversary, or just another Tuesday night, treat yourself to cuisine that will blow your mind.

Fresh Local Ingredients

When it comes to crafting meals that will keep diners happy, the process begins with selecting the right ingredients. When we can, we partner with local vendors and farmers for our meat, vegetables, pasta and cheeses. Our focus has always been on putting quality ingredients into every dish we place in front of you. When we shop locally, our chefs can create meals that are healthy, flavorful and superior to those of other Italian restaurants in town.

Dishes Handmade Daily

When you decide to dine out, you want to be treated to a real experience. All our dishes, and their individual components, are made fresh every day. From the toppings for our pizza to the various sauces for our pasta, you’ll taste the freshness of everything on your plate. At Mamma Mia’s Pizza, our mission is to create dishes we’re proud of and that you’ll enjoy from the first bite to that final lick of the fork. If you choose to dine at our Italian restaurant, you’ll be able to taste authentic flavors and the time and effort it took to craft them.

Excellent Customer Service

For us, you have always been our main focus. When you walk through our doors, you’ll be provided with a level of service that’s beyond compare. We’ll always take the time to get to know you, walk you through the menu and answer any questions you might have about our dishes and ingredients. We offer all that along with fast and efficient service, so you’ll never have a long wait to bite into one of our superior Italian meals. From the time you walk in until the time the check is delivered, your happiness is our number one priority.